25 Nov 2008

Film night - the inaugural event

The Essential Film Society was founded on October 13th 2008 on the suggestion of School of Design Mainz. Founding members present were Andrea Melzer, Armin Tafreshi,Christian Weiss, Darja Dell, Haruko Maeda, Jolanda Todt, Marisa Herrmann, Maximilian Berz, Teresa Leoff und Anna-Lisa Schönecker. The aim of the club is to promote cinematic and cultural live at design college of School of Design Mainz, Germany.

The first event will take place on December 19th 2008 in PENG Mainz and explores the foody approach to film. Combinations of feature and short films, animations and advertising clips - some popular favourites, some rare finds - form the varied menus of a marathon film night. Depending on the mood of the viewer two restaurants offer film menus for each taste and intensity. Portraits of designers and artists are screened in the kitchen lab while viewers can experiment with flavoured popcorn creations and seek a dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Please join us for film, food and fun on December 19th 2008.

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